What does it take to be a social media manager?

I’m currently studying for a social media MA, which, certainly for many of us on the course, will hopefully lead to a job as a social media manager.  However, what does that actually mean in practice? Well, communication seems to be key, whether that is through social media platforms, with clients and stakeholders or with... Continue Reading →

Looking for fresh marketing ideas? Here are some social media sites you may not have considered…

Reddit Reddit may not be an obvious choice when it comes to marketing, but, in terms of reach, it has the potential to change your business, with 250 million monthly visitors.  Although the site can be seen purely as a social news site, with users who tend to be particularly internet savvy, and who will... Continue Reading →

Do you really know how your data is used?

I was watching a TED talk earlier: Jennifer Golbeck: Your social media "likes" expose more than you think .  Although a few years old now, it raised some really interesting questions – looking at Facebook as an example, there are “huge amounts of personal data posted”, meaning models can be built, using the information provided,... Continue Reading →

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