Looking for fresh marketing ideas? Here are some social media sites you may not have considered…


Reddit may not be an obvious choice when it comes to marketing, but, in terms of reach, it has the potential to change your business, with 250 million monthly visitors.  Although the site can be seen purely as a social news site, with users who tend to be particularly internet savvy, and who will share content far and wide, it is worth trying to stake a claim.

To use Reddit for marketing find subreddits which are relevant to you, your product or service and your audience – use your account sensibly and honestly, and don’t just post about how great your company is (you will be found out very quickly and, if anything, you will lose potential custom).

Find a community on the site who will take to what you have to offer, then post content of quality, which will catch your audience.  They will then hopefully boost the contents position.  Quality is very much the key here – sub-standard, or openly promotional material will simply sink or, worse still, will result in your company being exposed for failing to respect the rules.


How about Tumblr? With 34 million daily posts it is definitely worth a try. So, firstly, what is it? Well, Tumblr is a micro-blogging site, which allows users to post content to a short-form blog.

How can it be used for marketing? Before you begin, think about the audience you will be marketing to – how will you make the blog work for them? Secondly, remember the time commitment any blog demands – by all means experiment to see if the site will work for you, but be aware you will need to sustain your involvement to see it paying off.   Have a look at this post for more in-depth suggestions

In terms of presence, try to find a short, snappy, name (with humour if possible).  Don’t make your content marketing heavy – light, shareable, catchy images and a minimal reliance on text are all good – at the same time, remember that market segment you identified before you started and tailor your content to appeal to that group.


Although there is some controversy about the number of Google+ users the network does appear to be growing in popularity again, and has the added advantage of affecting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) by helping your marketing to show up in search results.

If you do want to take the plunge, think about the following:

Use your about page (it will give a good overview) and check it is SEO optimised

Use Google+ events to arrange promotional webinars and events (participants do not have to be Google+ users)

Post often, keep optimising and use your posts to link back to other content (such as blog posts)


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