Researching for a social media strategy

So, as part of an assessment, I’m writing a social media strategy for a University library.  I’ve come up with an set of sections (based on previous reports I’ve written, together with some thoughts on what the client would actually like to know.  Thus far, I have:


Overview of the sector (including how and why libraries are presenting information, together with the stakeholders (in this case students) expressed wants and needs)

Direct ‘competition’ i.e. what social media presence do comparable libraries have and how successful are they?

Current social media output – what social media presence does the library have now? (including a social media inventory (which involves searching for all the official and unofficial accounts the organisation holds or is named on on different platforms (I’ve already found a long forgotten Instagram account using this method).  For more information on the process, see this blog post:

Targets – coming up with realistic and useful targets for the social media team to both aim for and use as a measure of their progress – targets should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound).

Strategy (how the organisation is going to hit those targets) – this may be different approaches, using different platforms, advertising their social media presence etc.

Monitoring (how can you prove you’re hitting your targets and (possibly more importantly) see what is not working so you can change it).  This is where analytics comes in, along with the flexibility to be prepared to adapt depending on what you find


How have I found the process so far?

There is lots, and lots, and lots of information out there on every aspect of social media strategy.  That’s great, and it can be really helpful, but it can also be difficult working out which bits to concentrate on.  I guess, like many things, it’s a case of keeping the end goal in mind: why is this strategy being written?

The answer is to promote engagement with library stakeholders and give them useful and  accurate information which will help them, together with a sense of the library as a ‘friendly and accessible’ place, where they can (through whatever means) ask for help or information.

With that in mind, I will post again in the next few days on how my information gathering is going…


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