Facebook Insights

As part of the research for a review of Plymouth University Library’s social media presence, I’ve been analysing the content of their current social media output (I have been given permission to share the following).  Currently, the library has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, so I decided to have a look at the levels on engagement on their Facebook posts.

I used Facebook Insights to gain an overview of the library page, as of the end of January 2017.  In the previous month, follower numbers had increased by 6, although two people had ‘unliked’ the page.  Given the amount of students at the University, this is not a large number and further promotion of the page may be helpful.


In the same month, the maximum reach on a single page was 244:


Looking at the posts that month, this higher reach related to a media stock sale, which can be seen below:


The post is simple, direct, and has an eye catching image attached, with information students want to know.

Moving on, the following graph shows the likes, comments and shares on the page throughout January:


The spikes relate, once again, to the media stock sale promotion and also to a cover photo update.  Both of these involve images, and both help the page to retain a fresh, current feel.  Perhaps more important is the lower level of engagement during the rest of the month: more work needs to be done on why these posts have lower engagement, although a lack of imagery and shareable content may be to blame.

I finally looked at total reach for the month:


As you can see, the highest total number of people reached on one occasion is 1,787.  This is a reasonable reach, although, again, given total numbers of students potentially available, further marketing of the page should be undertaken.


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