Using audio and video on social media

Words just don’t cut it anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re still important, but audio-visual materials are what will be shared, commented on and liked.  Follow some basic rules, and you’ll have a great looking, engaging, follower friendly social media presence:

  • Keep things short, concise and relevant – it’s pretty unlikely someone will sit through a 30 minute video (unless it is for something specialised). However, a three minute video, showing them how to do something specific, which is well made and snappy, is bound to be popular and is much more likely to be shared
  • Be innovative – depending on what your situation is, can you show people something new? A behind-the-scenes tour of a business perhaps? A books eye view of a library? Something only you know how to do, presented in a new way? Have a think and try to make eye-catching, thought provoking content
  • Try out some different platforms and tools: if you’re creating pics, have, use, and get to know Instagram and Pinterest – Instagram in particular has very high levels of member engagement and is a great place to engage with followers. In terms of new tools, have a look at Adobe Spark and Rocketium – these, respectively, allow you to create graphics and video (Spark is free, as is basic Rocketium) – both have great reviews and are designed to be used with social media platforms.  Canva has been around for a while, is designed for non-designers and will allow you to create images quickly and easily.
  • If you’re creating videos with speech, spare a thought for those who are hearing impaired and look at creating your own captions – there’s information on the campaign to encourage this to be found here

Lastly, if you are a business, keep your brand image in mind at all times – set a colour palette, text style and keep messages consistent (without getting boring!)


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